Tom Dunlop – Summize

In this episode, we talk to Tom Dunlop, co-founder and CEO of Summize, an innovative contract management platform. We discuss the founding journey, how Tom was able to take his experience of working for in-house legal teams and modernise contract management. We also discuss the importance of focus and how to ensure you are optimising for the right outcomes as the business scales.

Simon Ritchie – Blox

In this episode, we talk to Simon Ritchie, CEO of Blox, an early-stage startup aiming to make financial modelling more accessible to businesses of all sizes. We learn how they took a ‘spreadsheet problem’ and developed an intuitive platform that allows businesses to rapidly create financial models and make better business decisions without needing a degree in finance.

Kirsty Dawe – Webeo

In this episode, we talk to Kirsty Dawe, a B2B marketing expert and CEO of Webeo, an advanced platform that allows marketing teams to dynamically personalise their websites. We learn the importance of developing an ICP and the power of staying true to that, as well as discuss the relationship between content and outbound efforts in sales and marketing.