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Jeremy Redman – TaskMagic

On this episode with Jeremy Redman, founder of TaskMagic we talk about what the journey from nothing to success looks like, the importance of belief and conviction as well as go deep on the topic of MVPs and why what you think of as your MVP probably isn’t viable (yet).

Orrin Klopper – Netsurit

In this episode, we talk to Orrin Klopper, CEO of Netsurit, a company providing managed IT, cloud, and security services. This is a massively interesting conversation where we go deep on topics useful for any business owner. We cover the importance of getting your offer to the market right, dealing with changing economic and market conditions as well as how to instill an empowering company culture.

Aaron Jones –

What does the future of AI-generated video look like? In this episode, we talk to Aaron Jones, co-founder of, a startup developing an AI toolkit for video. We learn how they went from using AI to create images for e-commerce brands to generating video avatars for training videos to now allowing some innovative video editing use cases.