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Kevin Beales – My Sales Coach

What does it look like to have not just one successful startup exit, but two and then decide to go all in on a third startup? In this conversation with Kevin Beales founder of MySalesCoach, we discuss not just one but three startup journeys and look at two different types of acquisition as well as many of the lessons learned along the way.

Alan Jones and Sarah Norford-Jones – Yeo Messaging

In a first for the podcast, we have two co-founders on this episode. We talk to Alan Jones and Sarah Norford-Jones, co-founders of Yeo Messaging, a next-generation secure messaging app that gives far greater control over what happens to your messages after they have been sent, ensuring you always have control over your privacy and security. 

Nisheeth Pathak – WeSoar

In this episode with Nisheeth Pathak, we discuss what it looks like to develop a high-performance organisation, and how their AI-based platform WeSoar enables enterprise performance management. We learn how a solid belief in the problem led him to overcome many challenges to find product market fit.